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Passion and dedication drive our team of extraordinary professionals.  We are devoted to helping you achieve the changes you seek in your mind and body. Come join us!


Our Mission:

What we believe most at Reston Pilates is that “Movement Heals.” This belief resonates at the heart of our studio, our programs, classes, and in how we choose our teachers. It is our mission to provide an open, nurturing, highly empathetic and compassionate environment so every student who walks in our doors feels safe and supported in reaching their goals. By helping our students restore functional movement in a vibrant and healthy body we are living our mission with every class and session, and that’s what we are most dedicated to!


Reston Pilates is a community of teachers and students dedicated to creating healthy lives - mind, body and spirit. Through our passion for movement, and our belief that movement heals, we strive to educate our community and restore people’s faith that anything is possible, that health is possible, that feeling better is possible.  



Jodi Rakoff, Owner

Pilates literally changed Jodi's life.

As a mother of two who was more than 60 pounds overweight, Jodi found herself in her mid-twenties heavier than ever and suffering from lower back problems.  Through a healthy diet and a dedicated exercise program she was able to lose the extra pounds, but all of the weight had put a great deal of strain and pressure on her lower back.  She thought she had slowly healed, but one morning she woke up and was unable to walk.  The MRI results showed that she had herniated a disk in her spine and her doctor recommended surgery.  The surgery helped her pain, but as a result of years of compensation her right leg was weak and she developed Sacroiliac Dysfunction and had nerve damage in her right leg.  It was at this point that Jodi discovered Pilates.  Because of Pilates she was able to regain stability, build strength and increase her flexibility—not only in her back, but also in all of her body.  Her doctor had told her she would probably never run again—but her body is stronger now than ever before and she is not only running again—she is running marathons and ultra-marathons!

Jodi has been teaching Pilates since 2004.  She has comprehensive certifications through both BASI and Power Pilates. Jodi is also a RRCA Certified Running Coach. 

Jodi believes that movement heals and that through Pilates we can all connect with our inner strength and live healthy, active lives.  She is a passionate and grateful teacher.  Her love of Pilates is what inspired her to open Reston Pilates in 2010.